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The MBA is one of the most popular postgraduate programs at the international level and is usually recommended for experienced professionals or graduates who want to improve their specialization, develop skills and improve management methods.

MBA in Human Resources

The origin of this direction goes back to the traditional graduate school in American universities. The degree soon spread to universities around the world and private business schools.

The MBA in Human Resources is aimed at obtaining a global vision of the company in terms of general management. Its content enhances strategic thinking. Management functions, management and problem-solving tools, and various business situations are discussed.

Knowing how to lead people and manage a team with their emotions and motivations, and integrate them into a company's culture and goals, is critical to creating competitive advantage and generating high performance from human capital.

The program examines the analysis of key issues such as visionary and resonant leadership in the management of work teams, negotiation and internal communication skills. Work evaluation methods are also analyzed to understand the behavior and performance of staff.

An MBA in Human Resources prepares professionals for the future.

This type of study program is mainly aimed at graduates and students who want to gain professional experience in this field. It is a program that combines human resources training with the necessary skills to implement successful strategies in the business world.

The curriculum deals with the main areas in the company, such as: general management, marketing, commercial management or finance.

An MBA specializing in Human Resource Management is designed for current and future leaders who are looking for the skills to optimize human resources in an organization. This is a program that allows you to stand out from other professionals or managers qualified in business management.



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