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How should I structure my grad school essay?

While this post is not meant to be a perfect guide how to build and structure your grad school essay, there are certain patterns the majority of essays have in common, which I want to share with you.

According to law help service regardless whether you gonna follow my advice or not, think about your Master’s Degree, MBA or Ph.D. as a way of getting from point “A” in your life to point “B”. Your essay should make it very clear how your graduate education will help you get to point “B” and accomplish X,Y,Z.

Suggested structure of the essay:

Introduction (1 paragraph). You can check out my thoughts on how to start an essay here:

Description of personal experience relevant to your studies. (Maybe, you were born in a conflict zone and that experience inspired you to study conflict resolution; maybe you lived in a region, where women’s rights were suppressed.

Description of professional experience relevant to the program and your future career. (You can list your accomplishments here, things you have built, created, studied in the past. Show that you have already made certain steps on your way to point “B”! However, according to you can also describe your past failures in this section, gaps in knowledge, lack of experience…it is not necessarily a bad thing (as far as you learned something from it!). See below how my friend who is currently studying at business school addressed his “gaps in knowledge”:

But in growing an organization, it’s also important to understand its limitations. Despite securing pro-bono legal advice to start a non-profit with a committee I chair in [the name of the city], a failure to recognize competing interests within the organization […] seriously delayed the entire project.

Description of any extracurricular activities or projects you participated in relevant to your studies. While this section is optional (some of you might be facing a very strict word limit), it is always good to show that you are 100-percent committed to your field of study. See an example below:

My interest in foreign affairs is matched by my passion for Russian language and literature, which I explore through two major commitments outside of work: editing a quarterly journal of Russian literature in translation, and leading a bi-weekly book club on the topic. The immense joy that I get from researching topics in Russian history and literature and distilling this information to others has led me to seriously consider the teaching profession.


Finally, restate your career goal. Make it clear how this education will help you achieve it and get from point “A” to point “B”.

(Proofread, proofread, proofread)

Hope you have found this blueprint helpful 🙂 Stay tuned with Grad School Essays Decoded!

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