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For What Reasons Can You Not Be Allowed to Defend a Doctoral Dissertation?

The dissertation council may not allow a dissertation to be defended in the following cases:

  • the topic of the declared dissertation is not profile for its author;

  • the applicant is not a candidate of science, therefore, cannot apply for a higher scientific title;

  • incorrectly published materials of paytowritepaper articles intended for publication in a scientific journal;

  • the work is not unique or not unique enough;

  • the text does not give those sources from which the author took quotes to confirm his thoughts;

  • the dissertation will not be considered if its co-author is not indicated;

  • providing false information about the published materials will also not allow the first time to pass the defense of this scientific work;

  • the text of the dissertation does not correspond to the version that is posted online on the website of the organization in which this work was written.

Conducting a public defense of a doctoral dissertation

This type of protection of scientific work should be presented in the nature of a scientific discussion, during which it will be possible to consider the work and draw certain conclusions on it. All those gathered, despite the formal severity, must respect each other. During the discussion, the question of how new the presented idea is, whether it has further development, etc., should be decided.

The applicant must be required to appear for the defense of his scientific work. An exception can only occur if the dissertation author is ill or has other good reasons for not attending. In this case, these circumstances must be documented. In addition, the period of transfer of protection can be no more than a year. In conclusion of this article, I would like to note that the defense of a doctoral dissertation is a rather serious and very responsible matter. If you take into account all the criteria for evaluating your doctoral dissertation, you can move up a step.

When going through the defense itself, stand straight and confident so that you can show that are a professional in your field. Do not be afraid and do not think about failure. Having prepared a good report on your work, you will definitely be able to steer in the right direction.

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