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Comparisons between best coffee grinders on the market

To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, a coffee grinder is needed. Try to grind your coffee by using different grinds, from coarse to fine, and you will taste a difference in your expressos every time. A device that can help you control your coffee beans grinding is the secret to a good cup of coffee. All you will need to do is put the fresh beans in the grinder, and press a button, as simple as that.

For all of you that are in need of a good coffee grinder, we are here to review shortly some of the top coffee grinders on the market right now!

DeLonghi KG89 Coffee Grinder

This model has 18 different settings to satisfy your taste, from coarse grind to fine grind. It can grind up to 12 cups once you filled the bean hopper. It is easy to collect the ground coffee in the included container because of the anti-slip feet. This feature ensures that while the coffee grinder is working, it stays in place. Settings in the program are also straightforward; you can easily choose the number of cups you want to grind for. One downside of this machine could be that you must refill the bean hopper if you wish to more than 120 grams of coffee beans ground.

Baratza Encore

This model is a total upgrade because this best home coffee grinder has up to 40 different grind settings. You can grind with more accuracy by setting the coarseness of the grind. One tip: do you want to make a cup of coffee using a percolator? Grind the beans coarsely. If you're going to make coffee with a coffee filter machine, use a finer setting.

You can easily collect the grounded coffee in the container that comes with the machine. Much less messy and easy to clean! It is also possible to place a portafilter underneath the device, just a step further to minimize your effort while making coffee. It doesn't have a timer to tell the machine when it should stop grinding, so keep an eye on it and press the button when you want to stop.

Graef CM800

This Graef CM80 model of coffee grinder is a piston-driven machine, we would say that this is an automatic coffee grinder. The coffee grinder will start automatically once you press our portafilter into the holder. Once you think you have enough coffee, remove the filter carrier, and it will stop. The conic grinder and slow rotating motor of this model will not let your coffee beans lose flavour. And due to slow rotation, the motor avoids overheating and can work for a long time. It has 40 settings similar to the previous model we introduced, so you can grind very precisely and experience the real barista way of making coffee. A 350-gram bean hopper is a real advantage that we have to mention you won't have to refill this too often. The machine, however, doesn’t have a container in which you store larger quantities of ground coffee.

Wilfa WSCG-2

This model allows you to choose, with which coffee machine you are making coffee and adjusts the grind size accordingly. It has five different grind settings. You can be sure that the coffee will taste good! Make use of the timer so you can grind the same amount of coffee every time. The ground coffee can be collected into the included collection tray. A unique feature on this model is, the bean hopper and the container are made of plastic with a special UV filter, so the coffee stays fresh longer.

Above are short reviews from some of the best rated coffee grinders. We hope you can choose one that fits your needs and budget. They are all at different price points, under 150 dollars so that you can balance between the functions it gives and your budget. Please support us by giving this article a like and share! Tune in frequently for more contents like this!


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